My First Solo Trip

I’m getting ready to embark on my first solo trip! Words can’t express how excited I am for this new experience. At the same time, I’m pretty nervous about having to handle everything on my own. But, I’m always down for a new challenge and I love getting the opportunity to explore a new city. I’ve never traveled anywhere on my own, and I’m curious what it’s going to be like!

I’ve always gone on trips with family or friends, so all decisions were always shared. Now every decision is going to be on me! I’ll be on my own time table, and will be able to eat whatever I want and do whatever I want to do. That’s kind of scary, but also really exciting. Talk about some serious freedom!

A few years ago, I declared that I would travel more! I knew that this meant that I may travel alone, or with friends and family. I want to experience everything that I possibly can. I don’t want to look back on my life and wish that I had explored more of this amazing world. Sometimes exploring on my own will help me accomplish this.

The Plan

My plan for my first solo trip changed many, many times. I started by signing up to receive daily emails from Airfare Watchdog, so everyday I see what the best flights deals are. Some days I would get an email with an awesome deal, and I’d be so tempted to book a trip! But I waited until the time was right and the deal was just what I was looking for.

My original plan was to go to San Francisco. I had seen deals for as low as $91 round trip. But when I was ready to start booking my flight, the deals were no where near that good. I had even done research on the best areas of San Francisco to stay in, what to see and do, and what Airbnb’s looked best. In the end, I guess I’ll need to save all of that research for another trip!

Then one day, I received an email with a deal to Vancouver for $302 round trip. Now, that deal isn’t as good as $91, but compared to what I had been seeing for Vancouver, it was an amazing deal! So I went ahead and took a peak at Airbnb to see what sort of deal I could find. I found the most amazing downtown location, listed as a ‘Rare Find’, for only $51 per night. Needless to say, I went ahead and booked the flight and the Airbnb!


I can be a little neurotic when it comes to researching my next trip! In fact, I tend to obsess over and learn everything that I possibly can. I search through Pinterest and Google to find the best places to eat, what not to miss, and the culture. When I arrive in a new location, I want to be well informed so that I don’t waste a single moment of my time there. I want to experience as much as possible, both silly touristy things and the stuff locals love about the area!

Inspiration from Other Bloggers

I’ve read several blogs from other female solo travelers. I love reading about their experiences and what they learned about themselves through solo traveling. They even talk about some of the scary stuff that happens when traveling solo, including unwanted attention. Reading their stories of what they’ve been through has allowed me to mentally prepare for what I’m walking into. I may not know how I’ll react to my first solo trip, but I at least now have an idea of what it may be like!

What To Do

I am huge on using Pinterest to learn about things to do for my next trip. They just make it so easy to find all sorts of unique and interesting things to do all over the world. It has definitely helped me develop a great list of things I would like to check out while I am in Vancouver.

  •  Capilano Suspension Bridge
  • Stanley Park
  • Granville Island
  • Canada Place
  • Gastown
  • Chinatown
  • And many more!


Luckily, since I’m from the US, I’m used to Western culture, so the culture in Canada shouldn’t be much of a shock. As for my physical safety, I think most of this comes with common sense. Such as not walking around alone at night. Even more important when it comes to personal safety is listening to your gut instinct; when your inner voice is telling you that something doesn’t feel right, you should listen to it! Especially when you’re on your own.

Another piece to safety is where I’ll be staying. I chose an Airbnb in downtown Vancouver. The listing for the location was specific for only solo, female travelers. They also mentioned in the description that the building is secure. I also paid close attention to what people said in the reviews. No one mentioned any feeling of unease while staying at this location.

So Ready!

I’ve been looking forward to this opportunity for quite a while now! Until a few years ago, I never would have imagined that I would travel anywhere on my own. And now I’m getting ready to visit a new country alone! It’s kind of crazy, but super exciting at the same time. I’m looking forward to all that I will experience and will definitely share everything with all of you!


Have you ever traveled solo? Where did you go and what did you do? Any tips you can share?


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