Vancouver: Day 3

Vancouver: Day 3

Day 3 in Vancouver was by far my most active day! It also happened to be the coldest day that I spent in Vancouver. Actually, the cooler weather really came in handy, so that I wasn’t sweating like crazy while I was exploring Stanley Park!


Tourist Sculpture

My day started off with an attempt at a geocache. While I didn’t find the geocache, I did find a really cool sculpture! The sculpture is known as Shipwreck, and was created by locals and tourists. How cool is that! Everyone who wanted to showed up and was instructed by the master artist on what to do. They could stay for as long and or as little as they liked. It’s so cool to see something beautiful come together from the collaboration of so many people!

Sculpture created out of international cooperation

Bike Rental

I hadn’t ridden a bicycle in several years, and I figured Stanley Park would be a great place to ride. I looked into several of the bicycle rental places in downtown Vancouver, and I decided to go with YesCycle. For what I wanted, they had the best rates; I think in the end I paid less that $25 for the day!

Stanley Park

If you get the opportunity, I highly recommend exploring Stanley Park by bike. I hadn’t ridden a bike in many, many years, and I had forgotten how much fun it was! Riding a bike along the Sea Wall allowed me to cover more ground. I did, however, stop a lot along the way as I came across points of interest such as ‘Girl in a Wetsuit’, Siwash Rock, Third Beach, Lions Gate Bridge, and even a couple of trails! I was also really impressed with how cooperative all cyclists were with each other on the path.


This series of sculptures in downtown Vancouver is so much fun! You can’t help by smile as you take in these laughing statues.


While continuing along the path from Stanley Park, I came across an Inukshuk on the beach. The Inukshuks are stones stacked up to resemble the human form created by the Inuit people. These may also be quite familiar and they were seen frequently during the 2010 Winter Olympics!

Came across this while riding the bike


Another iconic experience is Vancouver is to ride the Aquabus. While I still had the bike, I decided to take a ride on the Aquabus to visit Granville Island for the afternoon. For a round trip ride, the cost was $6. The process was really simple, you just show up at the dock, hop on the boat when it arrives, and pay as the boat departs. All you have to do is let them know your destination and if you plan on making it a round trip. I only took a short ride, but it was a lot of fun!

A very fun experience!

Granville Island

I arrived at Granville Island on a bike, and was instantly terrified! The area right around the market is very tight and there is a lot of traffic. I managed to wind my way through the traffic and onto a trail that follow the coast line. I found a peaceful spot near a beach that was a great place to sit and relax for a bit. There were awesome views and the water and boats!

After riding around for a little bit longer, I headed to the public market. This place was so full of people, and it was a pretty cool experience! There were so many types of food stalls and other vendors throughout the space. It was a lot of fun checking everything out. I definitely recommend taking the opportunity to visit the public market when in Vancouver!

Stanley Park

After I dropped of my rental bicycle, I didn’t have anything planned for the day, so I decided to walk around Stanley Park. Sure, I had just ridden all the way around the park, but I figured walking would allow me to soak it all in even better! It was a nice, enjoyable walk. I took advantage of the slower pace and took even more pictures than I was able to while on the bike.


When I was about 7km around the Seawall, I saw a sign for the Teahouse Restaurant. I was feeling peckish and decided to head up for a light meal. I was seated at a table with an amazing view! For my meal, I had the New York Clam Chowder, which was delicious and perfect for the slightly chilly day. After letting my soup settle a bit, I ordered the creme brulee for dessert. I had never had creme brulee before and it was so yummy! The restaurant was nice and quiet and it allowed me to relax and read a bit before heading back out onto the trails.

Stanley Park Trails

After dining at Teahouse, I decided to walk on the trails in the forested part of Stanley Park. I was in awe at how big and tall the trees are! Where I’m from, I’m not used to seeing trees quite this large, it made me feel like I was in another world.

I must have picked a great day to go because the trails were so quite. It was the perfect opportunity to just enjoy nature! I also got to see a lot of adorable baby geese. They were so cute and just enjoying chilling by the Lost Lagoon.

Dinner with my hosts

My third day was the last night I would be staying at my Airbnb. My hosts were very sweet, and what was even more amazing is they invited me to join them for dinner on my final night! We dined on salmon, quinoa, and a mixture of pumpkin, figs, and pomegranate juice. It was delicious!

I also really enjoyed the opportunity to talk with my hosts. I got to learn about what brought them to Vancouver, as they were originally from Iran. They also shared many of their favorite things about Vancouver and the surrounding area. It was a really enjoyable evening and made me glad that I had chosen to stay at an Airbnb!

The view from my Airbnb

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